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شرکت پژوهشی زمین ریزکاوان
Precise & Accurate Analyses by Highly Skilled Lab. Professionals
Geochemical & Mineralogical Laboratory Services
Our goal is to improve the quality of analyses and use the latest technologies and methods of analysis depending on the needs of customers and researchers by providing scientific advice.
شرکت پژوهشی زمین ریزکاوان
Speed, Accuracy, Quality and Innovation
Advanced Laboratory Equipment
ما به تهیه‌ی نمونه‌های معرف و همگن و آماده‌سازی نمونه‌ها در شرایط استاندارد بدور از آلودگی اهمیت می دهیم و آن را ضامن داده‌های آنالیز با دقت و صحت مناسب می‌دانیم.
شرکت پژوهشی زمین ریزکاوان
شرکت پژوهشی زمین ریزکاوان

We offer you a wide range of services from prospecting for minerals, various exploration methods, mineralogical, elemental, isotopic and radiogenic dating analyses to mineral processing tests.

Our ability lies in our knowledge and expertise to suggest the best method for investigation and analysis considering the geological conditions, the nature of the sample and the customer's needs.

Our approach is knowledge-based taking advantage of conventional methods as well as new technologies to meet your requirements.

Our goal is to develop new methods to help with geological, archeological, civil engineering and agricultural research projects and the related industries.
Ask us for the best methods of analysis to fulfill your requirements

We respond to a wide range of requests for advanced scientific analyses and reliable data.

Geophysical Survey Services

Geophysical Survey Services Home Using a variety of geophysical method, especially magnetometry and IP-RS, relying on our professional team and expertise, we can identify i...

In Situ U-Th-Pb Geochronology

In Situ U-Th-Pb Geochronology Home In collaboration with Arizona LaserChron Center, we could address problems in Earth Science through the generation of U-Th-Pb geochronolo...

MLA & QEMSCAN Services

MLA & QEMSCAN Services Home In collaboration with global companies, we are able to offer advanced geometallurgy and SEM-based mineralogical and mineral liberation analy...

LA-ICP-MS Analysis

LA-ICP-MS Analysis Home In collaboration the Univ. of Ottawa, we could offer microchemical (spot) analyses for trace elements on a range of solid materials and minerals lik...

Electron Probe Microanalysis (EPMA)

Electron Probe Microanalysis (EPMA) Home In collaboration with Carleton University, we offer qualitative and quantitative probe analyses on a range of materials including r...

Exploration for Buried Deposits

Exploration for Buried Deposits Home In collaboration with global companies, we offer a wide range of analytical methods based on organic and inorganic parameters, esp. the...

Why do people trust us!?

We are among the few research-oriented and innovative companies that provide correct and professional advice to the customer to choose the best analytical methods appropriate to the nature of their samples and analytical requirements and helping to optimize costs in order to provide valid and reliable data; At any stage of the mineral supply chain and research work, the customers can benefit from our consultation and receive a complete package of services and analyses from macro- to micro-scale.
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